Two-Bit Editors

MattHeadMatthew Ostapchuk Williams enjoys reading and writing. He plans on making a career of it.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Chester College of New England. He was recently accepted to the Hollins University MFA program. His poetry has appeared or is upcoming in Best New Poets 2010 (as Matthew Ostapchuk), Splinter Generation, Collective Fallout, and Organs of Vision and Speech Magazine. In addition to his writing, Williams operates a stream-of-consciousness collaborative writing project, arumpahpah: gardyloo!, and his reviews for the Eugene O’Neill Critics Workshop took second place at the Region I Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

Brandon Courtney spent four years in the United States Navy. His poetry is forthcoming or appears in Best New Poets 2009, Linebreak, and The Los Angeles Review among others. He was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. When not writing, he obsessively collects records from the early nineties. He attends the M.F.A. program at Hollins University, where he writes poetry.

Charles Henry Boucher only reads and writes grudgingly. Unwisely, he also plans on making a career of it. He attended Chester College of New England with Matthew Williams, and has desperately tried riding his coattails to success ever since. Outside of his work as a creative writer, he reviews video games and covers gaming news at Game Chronicles and VidThru. Besides those projects, he also designs roleplaying and board games, one of which might one day be completed, and plans on founding a website to cover new developments in the field of entertainment, which might one day amount to something.


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