Two-Bit Magazine closed to submissions.

Well, another very busy submission period has ended. We will be reviewing submissions for the next month or two before releasing Issue #2. Thanks to all who took the time to submit to us!


12 Hours!

12 hours left until deadline. Submit away, writers!

Three Days Left!

Only three days before submissions for Issue #2 close. If you have work you’ve been sitting on, get it in!

Article: Happy Father’s Day

The Poetry Foundation offers some poems, articles and insights relating to Father’s Day:


Issue #1 has received over 500 combined views/downloads (between its downloadable PDF form and its home at Scribd). Another thanks to our first contributors for providing such great material, and to our readers and future contributors for keeping us going.

18 Days Left

Only 18 days left until the submissions period for Two-Bit Magazine Issue #2 is over. We’ll have a preview of the cover for Issue #2 ready for you before too long. Thanks for all of the participation, the response for Issue #2 has been overwhelming.

Apologies for the Delay

We recently had a delay in response for the past week or so while the editor was moving 500 miles down to Virginia. Things are back on track. So again, our apologies. We look forward to reading your work!