News from Two-Bit Magazine

Hello all, and sorry for the long delay since our last post. We have a number of announcements:

Lora Rivera’s story from Issue 1, “Silhouettes and Shadows,” has been nominated for a Best of Web 2010 Award. We’re looking forward to hearing back about that! Congratulations, Lora, on the nomination.

We have a qualified “We” now! For a long time the Two-Bit Editors page has had “coming soon” spots. I’m pleased to announce that Charles Boucher, a graduate of Chester College of New England, and Brandon Courtney, a graduate of Drake University currently pursuing his MFA at Hollins University, will be joining the staff. This should make us able to decrease the time it takes to turn around submissions.

Issue 2 should be released in the coming two weeks. We ran into some delays, but are getting back on track. The magazine will open to submissions again on December 1.

We are working to get our donation system up and running so that we can move ahead with our plan to begin paying contributors with Issue 3. More on that coming soon.

Thank you again for your patience. We still have a pretty reasonable flow of traffic to the site, and we’re going to try to bring back regular posting.


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