Thanks to You

It’s only been five days since Two-Bit Magazine opened for submissions, and we’ve already had an overwhelming response. In five days, we’ve received approximately double the submissions we had after the first three weeks of the Issue 1 submission period.

We want to keep pursuing new goals with Two-Bit Magazine. When we started last year, the intention was to get Two-Bit Magazine in print. With Issue 2, Two-Bit Magazine will be available print-on-demand through

With Issue 3, it is our intention to establish standards of payment for our contributors. We will also look at expanding distribution by selling subscriptions to interested parties (think university libraries and the like).

The potential payment plan will be intentionally nonstandard. Two-Bit Magazine is a not-for-profit venture (all money generated by the magazine would in turn be put back into the magazine), and we also like to be quirky. We’re going to try and stick with that.

More information will come in the near future.

Keep reading and submitting!

—Matt Williams, Editor


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