1,000 Page Views!

Very early this morning we received our thousandth page view, hurrah! Of course, this doesn’t correspond to a thousand unique persons, but we will take our victories where we can. So far we’ve had an overwhelming response to Two-Bit Magazine, almost exclusively positive, with good feedback and a number of questions that have helped us refine our mission and guidelines.

Earlier this month, we posted the front cover of the first issue of Two-Bit Magazine. We mentioned that we would post more info and examples on the upcoming issue, and in accordance with that, here is the mock-up of our mast, featuring the heading font and general font for the issue; keep in mind that this is a dummy, and will be subject to change (you will notice some minor formatting issues).

Two-Bit Magazine Dummy Mast

Also, we encourage you to take a look at the latest episode of public radio show Studio 360, featuring an entertaining and fascinating interview with writer James Ellroy – his novels include L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia. He edited Best American Mystery Stories 2002. Check out the interview here.


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